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Monday, February 7, 2011

Tareq Abboushi

Abboushi has been playing the buzuq starting at the National Conservatory of Music in Ramallah, Palestine, and continuing in New York City. He also is an accomplished jazz pianist, having studied at William Paterson University. His band Shusmo has a self-titled release that is well worth getting, with a great mix of original tunes and improvisations. Clarinetist Lefteris Bournias is a fiery complement to the more introspective musings of Abboushi's buzuq.

Tareq Abboushi - Buzuq, percussion, composition
Lefteris Bournias - Clarinet
Héctor Morales - Congas, Cajón
Zafer Tawil - Riq, Durbakkeh, Cymbals
Dave Phillips- Bass

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