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Monday, February 7, 2011

Anouar Brahem Sheet Music

Here are some transcriptions I have made of Anouar Brahem's music. Brahem is well-known as one of the foremost Arabic jazz oud players and composers. His work (especially his more recent recordings) tend to be meditative in tone, but he can still surprise with fiery intensity on occasion.

Note: These transcriptions are my own work, which I am providing for educational purposes only. If anyone objects to their inclusion, please notify me and they will be removed immediately.

Halfouine, from Astrakan Café (also appears on Le Voyage De Sahar).

Lecon du Oud, from The Silences of the Palace.

Qurb, from Thimar. Note that there are some rhythmic anomalies on the recording, this is my best guess as to Brahem's intent. This was originally performed with the outstanding jazz musicians Dave Holland (bass) and John Surman (bass clarinet, soprano saxophone).

Parfum de Gitane, from Astrakan Café (also appears on Barzakh).


Anonymous said...


I commend your efforts here. This is a great site. I study long-neck baglama and Turkish halk music here in Brooklyn with a great Kurdish musician.

I also listen to a lot of Arabic and Al-Andalusian oud. (Said Chraibi and Munir Bachir are particular favorites).

I would be most appreciative if you could post a transcription of the solo version of the title track to Astrakhan Cafe. I think this beautiful composition would be great on saz.



Jazz Oud said...

Thanks, Edward. I have a transcription of Astrakan Cafe I did a long time ago . . . it's around here somewhere. I'll post it when I get a chance.

Jazz Oud said...

Hey Edward! It took a while, but I finally updated and cleaned up my transcription of Astrakan Cafe. The post is here

Unknown said...

thank you so much for these transcriptions, I just got an oud for my 20th birthday and these charts are great to get a feel for it! keep on posting ;D

Sary said...

If anybody has or knows where to find (or buy) piano sheets for Anouar Brahems album Le Pas Du Chat Noir please get in touch!


Unknown said...

Hi Brian,
Thanks a lot for sharing, it is great.
Playing (bass) clarinet, it would be very nice if you could transpose in Bb with your software and share again.
Either on this site, or by email (marchauchecorne@gmail.com)
Thanks again, and all the best for 2015!

Location de voiture said...

Thanks a lot for sharing, it is great.

mohamed said...
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