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Monday, February 7, 2011

Anouar Brahem, part 2

Astrakan Café - 2000

Anouar Brahem : oud
Barbaros Erköse : clarinet
Lassad Hosni : bendir, darbouka

Le Pas du Chat Noir - 2002

A very subdued album that rewards repeated listening. Brahem's oud playing does not dominate, but blends with the piano and accordion, with echoes of Bill Evans, Philip Glass, Schubert and Chopin.

Anouar Brahem : oud
François Couturier : piano
Jean Louis Matinier : accordion

Voyage du Sahar - 2006

Very similar album to Le Pas du Chat Noir

Anouar Brahem : oud
François Couturier : piano
Jean Louis Matinier : accordion

The Astounding Eyes Of Rita - 2009
Brahem returns here to a more energetic style, with playing and compositions reminiscent of Astrakan Café and Thimar.

Anouar Brahem : oud
Klaus Gesing : bass clarinet
Björn Meyer : bass
Khaled Yassine : darbouka, bendir

Madar - 1994
This is Garbarek's record, and it contains some compelling music. However, Garbarek has an unusual and strident tone of the saxophone, which is not everyone's cup of tea.

Jan Garbarek : tenor and soprano saxophones
Anouar Brahem : oud
Ustad Shaukat Hussain : tabla

There are also some bootlegs of Anouar Brahem concerts floating around teh internets. I don't want to link to them directly, but the concerts are:

Live In Salvator Kirche Church at Duisburg, Germany
Live at Teatro Sociale, Bellinzona, Switzerland, 1998 (with John Surman and Dave Holland)
Zürich International Jazz Festival 1993 (with Jan Garbarek and Shaukat Hussain)

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