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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Xalam Project — Brandon Terzic

Oud player Brandon Terzic has put together a great group of musicians, featuring jazzman Matt Darriau (of Paradox Trio fame) on saxophone, kaval, and other wind instruments. Also featured is Matt Kilmer, one of NYC's top percussionists, and Peter Slavov, who currently plays bass with the legendary saxophonist Joe Lovano.

This music has a much more pronounced African influence than most oud music. Terzic spent time in Morocco and has clearly spent a great deal of time absorbing the rhythms and sounds of sub-Saharan Africa as well. The tunes allow a lot of room for improvisation--almost a jam-band type of ethos, as if the Grateful Dead or Phish had come instead from Sudan. Xalam strives for a danceable, feel-good sound, which it achieves—this is a fun album. It's still serious music, however: the musicianship and performances are excellent, by first-rate musicians.

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